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TOPIC: QR Code that plays mp4 video

QR Code that plays mp4 video #370

  • jschaefer
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My company needs to produce a QR code that, when scanned on an iphone, ipod, or android phone, plays a short video (currently we have it in mp4 format).

When generating the QR code, we tried putting the URL directly to the mp4 file in and quickly realized that didnt work, as the scanning program doesnt know what to do with an mp4 file.

We then tried creating a vanity URL which redirects to the mp4 file. Then we put this vanity URL into the QR code generator, thinking that the scanning program would simply load a URL (the vanity URL), and then the browser would get redirected to the mp4 file, and the browser would know what to do with this file and play it. This doesnt appear to be the case though. On my iPhone 4 the URL begins to load in the scanning program, then the program closes and the video begins to load in the iPhone's video player. So far so good. Then the video play closes and I get a simply black screen except for the status bar at the top. I cant do anything except quit whatever "app" im in and go back to my home screen. On my co-workers android phone he gets pretty much the same results.

In any case, I'm not sure exactly whats happening, but the bottom line is that we need to be able to scan a QR code and have it play a video. Any thoughts on what we might be doing wrong and how we can achieve this? I'm open to all suggestions, including changing video formats or including extra steps in the process (like running a javascript script or something) to make this work, so please any thoughts are welcome.

Much thanks in advance!
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Re:QR Code that plays mp4 video #433

  • DRB
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Do you still need this information?

I wanted to use video for a project at my University and found the main problem was with the default codec for the Iphone and Android. It took two weeks of research and the best I could do was the following (scan the code):

If this is useful drop me a line and I'll tell you the details.

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Re: QR Code that plays mp4 video #585

This QR code is used in all mobile phones for playing mp4 videos.For getting more details see the details on QR code in this forum.


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