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Create a trackable QR code

Simply download a QR Code reader then register to generate your dynamic trackable QR Code

QRMe can track when and, approximately, where in the world your QRMe code was scanned.

Change where your QRMe code points to at any time just by updating your profile.

Set the mobilize your site option to 'yes' to show your website in a mobile friendly format.

Link it to a Google map, a mobile YouTube video, a free mobile website ... anywhere!

Use your QRMe code to create QR code tshirts, aprons, bumper stickers and more!

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Location information is based on IP address and not GPS lat/long coordinates. Scan times are GMT

See a live demo. Log on as user: demo password: demoit then click here .

Read the latest QR Code news to find out who's using QR codes.

Watch QR Code videos to see QR Codes in action.

Social network - Complete social network functionality built in.

Post a thread in our QR Code Forum to get your 2D code questions answered.

Download a QR Code reader from out list to start scanning now.

Join a QR Code discussion group and team up with similar people.

Read What is a QR Code? to understand how a QR Code works.

Check out QR Code trends.

Design a  QR Code T-shirt with a few simple clicks.

Get a free mobile website to link to your trackable code.


Learn more about the Fido U2F USB security key


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Understand a QR code

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